Elijah Cummings: Our Nation Lost A GIANT, I Lost A FRIEND

Certainly, the well-earned tributes and fond recollections will come rolling in in droves regarding the passing of a true AMERICAN PATRIOT, Congressman Elijah Cummings. However, those of us that knew him personally will have a particular gnawing void and a profound sense of loss, because of the complex, rare, and incredibly attractive personality that was uniquely Elijah.

In recent years as I was less and less a part of the community, he’d always exclaim, “MAN! Where you been?” He’d further chide me looking side-eyed, but affectionately and say as my Dad often did, “Check in sometimes!”

He was that rare politician who could step outside the protection and cocoon of his inner circle and honor, with authenticity, the many relationships he’d built in Baltimore over a period going back to the ’50s. Indeed, when affectionately talking about him in our circles, someone would invariably say, “EVERYONE has an Elijah story!”

Also, it was my observation that because he carried himself within his calling a certain way above board, he didn’t suffer fools or mince words seeking political correctness. He called it as he saw it, often speaking in confidence what all

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