Mobility Work: The Next Fitness Craze You Should Try!

Although “mobility” work is something we’ve been doing since the beginning of time, the term is becoming a buzz word in the fitness community and a growing trend among trainers and gyms everywhere.

What is Mobility? 

Mobility is the ability to move a part of the body through its full range of motion. While mobility is linked to flexibility, the two are distinct concepts. Flexibility is the length of the muscle, and longer muscles usually lend to greater mobility.

Athletes have long been concerned with mobility, often performing lengthy warm-ups before training to increase their range of motion and prevent injury. Now, with the rise of Cross Fit, weight lifting, and attendance in tough group fitness workouts, gym-goers are beginning to pay more attention to mobility to reduce injury and improve their performance. Of course, mobility is also helpful for people who don’t hit the gym regularly, as anyone can benefit from joints that move with ease.

Should I Try “Mobility Training?” 

If you have a body, then the answer is, yes! Just by living your everyday life, sitting for hours, bending down to

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