My Secret To Healthy Skin & Beauty

I would like to start by saying I hate for my skin to feel dry. I have to keep something within arms reach to keep my skin moisturized. That’s especially important now that Chicago’s brutal winter is right around the corner, as temps are already dropping. When it gets cold and the wind starts whipping around your face, your skin is extremely vulnerable to becoming dried out and even damaged by the cold.

Vaseline is, by far, one of the best products to lock the moisture into your skin and keep it safe from the harsh, dry air. Many of us remember being slathered with Vaseline by our parents, going to school with a shining, slippery face. They may have overdone it a bit but they were really onto something. Classic Vaseline has been a household staple for generations, and with good reason. It’s easily accessible, affordable and it works! Why break the bank buying products to keep your skin soft and moisturized when Vaseline is right there at your local convenience store?

My daughter is now four years old and I’ve been using Vaseline on her skin since she was born. When she was an infant, I used it to help keep diaper rashes at bay. As she got a little older, she developed eczema and the first place it plagued her was on her cheeks. I kept a jar of Vaseline on hand to minimize chafing and cracking on her cheeks. It worked so well that after her skin healed, it left no visible marks from the breakouts on her face. Even now I use Vaseline to keep my daughter’s skin hydrated.