6 Natural Ways To Increase Your Breast Milk Production

iron levels (especially if you had a postpartum hemorrhage or otherwise lost an abnormal amount of blood during birth, as this can affect when your milk comes in).

In general, it’s important to eat a healthy diet while nursing, not only so your baby gets good nutrition but to ensure your own body is operating at a healthy level too.

3. Practice Skin-to-Skin

Shed some layers and practice laying your little one on your bare chest before feeding. This will allow your hormones to surge and you will literally feel the rush of milk fill your breast as soon as you do so. Also, avoid pacifiers and nipple shields as much as possible as they can limit your skin-to-skin time with your little one, thus decreasing your milk supply.

4. Enjoy a Hot Bath or Shower

Try turning on the shower to hot and let it steam up the bathroom, or sit in a hot bath. Use this time to massage your breast to push out any milk clogs as this can happen if you’re not nursing often enough, thus limiting your milk supply.

5. Nurse On-Demand

Give yourself a moment to forget about timed feeding schedules and feed your baby as often as