LeBron James To Create Housing for His School’s Families

…Michele Campbell, the LeBron James Family Foundation executive director. “This is about more than just getting kids to school. This is about keeping them alive. We’re seeing families struggling every day with very real and oftentimes unexpected issues that turn their worlds upside down. This will allow the family time and opportunities to grow while not worrying if they’ll have a roof over their head.”

The I Promise school has nearly 350 at-risk third- through fifth-graders, with plans to expand through eighth grade in 2022.

“The I Promise Village by Graduate Hotels will be a monumental next step for us and LeBron and his foundation’s commitment to the future of the students and their families,” Graduate Hotels founder and CEO Ben Weprin said. “It’s humbling to see the change they are [effecting] on a daily basis, and we’re honored to be a part of the journey.”

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