In Between Baes? This Holiday Guide Is For You!

friends and family. Contrary to popular belief though, you don’t have to be married with children to create life-long memories worth repeating every year. While single, you should definitely feel empowered to start your own holiday traditions.

This can be as simple as buying a Christmas tree for your apartment, hosting an annual Friendsgiving, or even volunteering at a local soup kitchen. You don’t have to wait until you have a partner to create great memories. You can start practices that bring happiness at any station in your life.

3. Allow Yourself To Feel It All 

The natural thing to do when overwhelming emotions bubble up is to ignore or suppress it. This season, consider allowing yourself to actually feel everything. Singleness, especially for women, is not often celebrated in the same way that marriage and relationships are. More often than not, being around couples during the holidays is a painful reminder of that fact.

It may be cathartic to begin journaling and reflecting on the highs and the lows of the year, particularly around this time of the year with the holidays right around the corner. Think about who you are as a

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