Sizzling After 60: Prayer – A Powerful GPS System For Life

Hi All!

By now, you may know that I think the #Harriet movie is a MUST SEE film. Yes, like many, I’ve known of Harriet Tubman’s incredible heroism in bringing hundreds of slaves out of bondage into freedom via the Underground Railroad for years. But seeing her story as a young woman when she first started out on her improbable journey opened the door to many important insights into her character.

The most powerfully consistent insight was her belief in God. Without maps, a flashlight, sometimes without shoes or food, she found her way to freedom the first time by herself, guided only by God. Harriet couldn’t read or write, but she had her own GPS: God’s Personal Signals – to follow. God led her to the paths and the people she needed. She prayed mightily and leaned heavily on this to direct her thoughts, courage, and steps.

Seeing those scenes in the film reinforced for me how powerful prayer can be to strengthen us on our journeys through life. So often, we may see prayer as a Sunday only thing to do.  But I’ve found that prayer, which is not the same as meditation, even though that is also a great thing to do — does something else. For me, it reinforces Faith, “which makes things possible, even if those things aren’t easy”. That quote is on the wall of my office.

For those who believe, prayer can be an intimate and on-going conversation with God. Something that can be done while

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