What’s Really Keeping You From Losing Weight? 5 Tips To Help

News alert: there is no magic secret to weight loss. No pill, waist trainer, or 3-day diet will help you reach your goal of lasting weight loss. The only way to lose weight when it comes down to it is to consume fewer calories than you currently do each day.

Well, what about exercise?

With moderate activity, about 30 minutes of activity a day, you can easily burn some of the calories you’ve consumed. But, the main thing keeping you from your weight loss goals might be your food portions. Read on to learn how to reign in your out-of-whack portion sizes so that you can make your weight loss happen for real.

1. Get Familiar With Portions

One of the main reasons that people overeat is because they are grossly misjudging what a real portion size is. When you learn what a portion should look like, it will be clear why those extra pounds aren’t

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