14 Healthy Ingredient Swaps For Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

It’s not always easy to eat healthy when all of the “bad” food tastes so good. Things get even more difficult when the holidays come along and you want to enjoy your family’s favorite dishes without ruining your hopes of leading a healthier life.

So what do you do? Skip out on the family dinners altogether and FaceTime yourself to the dinner table? Or bring a bowl of veggies while everyone else eats the mac and cheese in your face? Or, do you look for ways to make grandma’s peach cobbler taste the same with a lot less sugar and fat?

If the last option sounds good to you, then read on for more than a dozen ways to make your classic dishes healthier and still delicious.

1. Maple Syrup Instead of Sugar

You can use maple syrup to replace the sugar in your drinks, oatmeal, smoothies, or even to glaze a ham for your holiday dinner. 1 tablespoon of maple sugar contains about 12 calories while

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