‘Tis The Season: How To Help Grieving Loved Ones During The Holidays

In just a couple of weeks, we will enter into the Thanksgiving season. The time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is one that is often ripe with festivities, family gatherings, parties, and other joyous occasions. Many of us look forward to this time of the year and all of the merriment that comes along with it.

However, for some people, the holidays can be a very difficult time. For some, rather than being sociable or spending time around people, they’d much rather spend time alone. This may be normal for some people, but social isolation may be a sign that someone has the holiday blues, especially if they’ve experienced the death of a loved one or friend.

According to the American Psychological Association, “ Human beings are naturally resilient, considering most of us can endure loss and then continue on with our own lives. But some people may struggle with grief for longer periods of time and feel unable to carry out daily activities. Those with severe grief may be experiencing complicated grief. These individuals could benefit from the help of a psychologist or another licensed mental health professional with a specialization in grief.”

For many of us, we may desire to help, especially during this time of the year. So, what can you do if a friend or

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