Travel Often? 5 Healthy Airport Foods For Your Next Trip

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside an airport, you probably know that the food choices are not exactly healthy. Most of what you can find on the fly (pun definitely intended) is something like vending machine snacks, maybe a pre-made sandwich, and all the sodas you can possibly imagine. If you have the misfortune of traveling through a small airport, you can pretty much forget about finding a whole meal, let alone something healthy.

Even in a sea of unhealthy food options at airports, Sharita Jennings, founder of Get Fit Like That, is here to help. She’s put together this list of healthy or at least kind-of healthy food that you can find at most airports when you’re starving and short on time.

When eating during long travel days, keep in mind that light meals are typically best, especially if you’ll be seated for multiple hours. In the air, your body shuts down the digestive process making your food sit in your stomach for hours, and resulting in discomfort and other digestive issues when you land.

Try to avoid big heavy meals full of starches, opting instead to snack on something small when you need to. If you don’t

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