Travel Often? 5 Healthy Airport Foods For Your Next Trip

have time for a sit-down meal at the airport where you can get a good serving of protein and veggies, keep reading to find the healthiest food options in any airport.

1. Fresh Fruit or Fresh Anything

Just about every airport terminal has a cafe or newsstand with some apples or bananas available for you to indulge in. This is one of the simplest ways to stay healthy and curb your appetite on your travel days. If you have the choice between a pastry and fruit, go with the fruit!

The same goes for pretty much any fresh item you can find at the airport from a salad to a sandwich as it will have fewer artificial ingredients that might upset your stomach on a long flight.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Amidst all the sweets and bags of chips, most airport markets have bags of mixed nuts and/or seeds. This is a great option to curb your craving while you wait around and pack in some protein in the process. The only thing to watch out for when snacking on peanuts, almonds, and other varieties of nuts is the calories.

Typically, even a small snack bag contains more than 1 serving of calories and fat. So if you can find a