Sizzling After 60: Eat Well, Be Thankful, And Keep It Moving!

As the holidays are upon us, there is much to be thankful for. Being grateful will keep you healthy. So will movement.
Movement will keep this very important health issue at bay…INFLAMMATION.

While many are focused on food, fun, gifts, and libations, please put exercise on your to-do list. According to a comprehensive article in the AARP Bulletin, inflammation has been linked to every major disease of aging. Reducing it will help us all live longer, happier, and better.

All the major health issues: cancer, heart disease, dementia and diabetes–all of them–can be linked to chronic low-grade inflammation that can sneak up on you. A study of 10,000 patients by cardiologists in Boston have documented that they may have proof.

According to the article, inflammation does the body good when we need to deal with issues like the flu or a swollen joint because it releases healing chemicals and nutrients to repair damage to cells. It’s when inflammation becomes

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