6 Ways To Save Big On Holiday Shopping!

new authentic crystal to adorn you home.

2. Get Big Ticket Items Early

The holidays bring on a lot of sales, this is because retailers have to get rid of their off-season inventory just in time for the holidays. You may not get that brand new 2020 smart TV but you can still snag the 2019 or 2018 version at the top of summer and nab a huge deal.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Potluck

Thinking of having a huge feast for Thanksgiving? Invite some friends over and ask them each to bring a certain dish. You may have the bigger home, but who says you have to foot the bill for the entire holiday dinner?

4. Shop Clearance & Sales Only

Looking to fill up some empty spots around the Christmas tree? Gifting doesn’t always have to be lavish. Shop the clearance rack and sale section to get the best

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