Shocked By Family Drama Every Year? Here’s How To Prepare…

uncommon for those present to think they could have done something different to prevent this from happening and take the events very personal.

They may find themselves planning annually to try to prevent the drama, only to find themselves disappointed due to the behavior of others. You are not responsible for the behavior of others. You can put forth the best holiday spread imaginable and provide the warmest environment, but that may not be enough to stop people from acting out.

1. Give Yourself Permission to “Check Out” if Necessary

There is no written rule that you need to be at every family function from start until finish. As a matter of fact, to preserve your mental health you may have to find ways to step away. Going late, leaving early, or finding moments to take breaks for relaxation and deep breathing can be lifesavers for moments like these.

2. Set Firm Boundaries

If you have a repeat offender relative who tends to be the primary disrupter on the holidays, set boundaries with that person before the event. It helps if you

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