Black CAN Crack! Avoid Dry Winter Skin With These 5 Steps

you pat yourself dry from the shower will help to seal in moisture. Adding essential oils like rose, geranium, or chamomile to your moisturizer can amp up the moisturizing power.

2. Cleanse Your Skin With A Moisturizing Soap

The thought of not using soap to get clean is hard to imagine for most. There’s nothing wrong with using soap, but soap can be harsh on the skin, especially in the winter.

Avoiding antibacterial soaps or soaps that have fragrance can prevent the skin from drying. Moisturizing soaps with little to no fragrance have a less drying effect on the skin.

3. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Clearing away dead skin cells is an important part of any skincare routine. However, exfoliating too much during the cold months can be damaging to your skin. When you over-exfoliate, you strip away your skin’s natural oils and cause inflammation. This can