Kanye Cured By Religion? “God Improved My Bi-Polar Disorder…”

For the last few years, we’ve been watching famed rapper/designer/producer Kanye West talk himself into many precarious situations. Ultimately, his outlandish behavior was attributed to a bipolar disorder diagnosis, as stated on his 2018 album, Ye. In interviews, he also talked openly about feelings of anxiety, depression, and his eventual swearing off of his medication due to the mentally clouded effect that resulted.

As of late, his outbursts have been re-branded into bouts of “praise and worship” with his gospel-music themed Sunday Service national pop-up concerts and latest album, Jesus is King.

In his lyrics, he attributed his newfound mental fitness and clarity to his rekindled Christian faith.

With Christmas fastly approaching, like Kanye, many people feel a bit more mindful and find themselves focusing their thoughts on spiritual matters. Interestingly, lots of new