Capture Your Family’s History, One Story At A Time!

The holiday season is often a time when we are able to spend quality time together with loved ones and family members—some of whom we haven’t seen in years. If your family is like mine, spending an extensive amount of time together often lends itself to hours and hours of family stories, many of which start with, “Remember when…”

In fact, many of us will hear a plethora of stories—some funny, some serious, and some a combination of both–yet, all tend to have a greater context embedded within them and that is they capture and archive our family’s history. As Black people, in particular, the preservation of our family history is paramount and it doesn’t have to be as complicated as one may think.

Oral History and the Black Community 

Whether you are the decedent of slaves, a first-generation American, or an immigrant, there is a strong possibility that oral history has played a key role in your culture. From the neighborhood sage on the front porch to the West African griot, the ability to

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