Don’t Check Your Child’s Hymen: Healthier Approaches To The Sex Talk

an easy task. It is usually an awkward-filled dialogue of rambling, never-getting-to-the-point, squinted eyes and squirmish facial expressions.

However, as sex in social media continues to gain our youth’s attention faster than the traditional “birds and the bees” talk, it is important for parents to become more active, and intentional when engaging in the sex talk with their children.

It is absolutely true parents hold the authority to raise, nurture, and educate their children in the way they find most fitting, and valuable. Despite the many people who disagree with T.I.’s unusually invasive plan of action, myself included, I am positive that his intentions were not to cause his daughter to unfollow him, or publicly humiliate her by unknowingly offering her virginity to the highest bidder.

The truth is, there isn’t a rulebook when it comes to parenting. There simply isn’t a guide to follow or specific real-life scenarios to example. Parents usually get in the routine of doing what feels most natural. However, it is my belief, that active parenting stems from a place of intentionality, and molding from a scope and sequence standpoint.

For example, if it is our desire for our children to be comfortable enough to have conversations with us about sex, we must parent from a place that prepares them to be