Nature Vs. Nurture: Schizophrenia Triggers In The Black Community

get it. So if a parent or sibling has schizophrenia, the odds go up by 10%. If both parents have it, the odds go up by 40%. Your odds are greatest if you have an identical twin with the disorder, a 50% chance.

Some people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia have no family history of it. In cases like this, scientists believe that a gene may have changed and triggered the condition.



Many genes can play a role in the odds of getting schizophrenia. A single change can do it, but it typically takes several smaller changes to build up, leading to a higher risk. There’s still some uncertainty around how genetic changes lead to schizophrenia.


Again, these changes in genetics can interact with occurrences in your environment which can boost the odds of diagnosis. While there isn’t proof, there are theories. Research suggests that exposure to certain viral infections or lack of