What Happens To Your Body After Giving Birth?

it can be done anywhere, at any time. It’s the practice of contracting and strengthening your pelvic floor and should be done at least three times a day for best results.

You’ll need to stock up on maxi pads

Not only will you possibly experience incontinence right after childbirth, but you can also anticipate bleeding. It can be heavier after birth than you may have expected, so stocking up on maxi pads will keep you prepared. Between blood, discharge, and uterine tissue, you’ll likely need to wear pads for six weeks post-delivery. From there, it should begin to lighten up so you’ll only need to use them when necessary.

It’s important to not wear a tampon during this time as they can introduce bacteria into the vagina as you heal. If you’re struggling with soreness post-delivery, try opting for ice maxi pads. These work as a dual pad because they are absorbent and offer cold therapy for pain.

Hair may start shedding

A benefit of pregnancy for many women is thicker, fuller hair. This is due to your body’s increase in estrogen, which can stimulate hair growth. Still, after pregnancy, you may start to notice your hair falling out more excessively in the months ahead. This abrupt change in your hair cycle is why