5 Things You Need To Leave In 2019

Depending on the year you had in 2019, you might be relieved it’s almost over. This year had its ups and downs and you may have learned some difficult lessons but pat yourself on the back for surviving it all.

The start of a New Year brings hope, a sense of a new beginning, and a fresh start. Maybe you made resolutions of how you’ll change your life and achieve your dreams in the coming year, however, if you make the same choices and continue unhealthy, self-sabotaging habits, chances are nothing will change.

What do you need to leave behind so you are truly ready and capable of living your best life in 2020? The list could be endless but let’s discuss 5 things that many of us need to ditch and not take into the New Year.

1. Toxic Relationships

If you have relationships that drain all your energy and leave you feeling worse about yourself, you might need to let them go. You deserve friends who support you and