Master Your 2020 Vision Board With Julia Myers! (Video)

Are you ready to manifest your visions in this new year and beyond? Life Coach Julia Myers joins us to share her tips on how to reach our goals, create the lives that we want, and to make our wildest dreams come true! Follow along to learn how to make the most of your year by mapping it all out on your 2020 Vision Board! This ain’t your average Vision Board Party!

Get Ready To Goal Set Effectively & Achieve!

Each new year brings on the feeling of hope, new love, and prosperity. We constantly say and hear things like, “this is my year” and we make resolutions. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being so optimistic, in fact, it’s a great way to start the new year.

The only problem I see here is that we don’t properly set our goals or come up with the blueprint to achieve those goals. Even if you find yourself working hard to get wherever you dream to be in life, it can be challenging to achieve anything without a specific goal and a game plan.

I like to compare my goal setting to planning a trip. When we plan trips and vacations, we start with a