How Gratitude Gets Us To Our Goals + 4 Ways To Practice It

return kindness.”  When working toward a goal, you should:

  • express gratitude for the ability to pursue a goal outside of your daily norm
  • be kind to yourself during the process. It’s important to remember that achieving goals takes time and patience. Remember to enjoy the journey. Often you will learn several lessons along the way that can spark other ideas and ambitions.

A gratitude practice can allow you to recognize how far you have come when you reach a rough patch in your journey and highlight current things that you can be thankful for. A few effective exercises you use to practice gratitude regularly include:

1. Meditation

Meditation apps have become increasingly popular, as the conversation around the importance of mental health has become a popular topic of discussion. Many of these apps have guided meditations that focus on various subjects, including gratitude. Liberate is a meditation app that is specifically geared toward the Black, Indigenous and POC community and features several guided meditations that can help you cultivate daily gratitude and mindfulness.

2. Expressing Gratitude For Small Wins

When working toward a goal it can be easy to only see the big picture. However, throughout the process, you should celebrate small wins along the way as well. Every step that puts you closer to your end goal is one to be thankful for.

3. Setting A Gratitude Alarm

If you have trouble carving out a specific time to practice gratitude throughout your day, set an alarm on your