Martha Levert, Mother of singers Gerald and Sean Levert, Passes Away

…‘You’re a great dad,’ and all of that, but I’m a person, too, you know? I never had nothing, and coming out of Canton, Ohio, I’d never quite been exposed to the life of an entertainer so a couple times when I got the hit records it was all gravy and all good and all of that. And I used to take them on the road with me, because it was my wife’s chance to get her break. I’d take the kids for the summer and she’d be able to get off into her ministry as being one of Jehovah’s witnesses. She was a great woman; she just had a rotten man. You know? And I can speak of that guy as being a rotten man because he didn’t know what he had and he didn’t know who he was or what he should’ve been doing. It was ignorance. I had to learn.”

(Photo credit: Instagram)

Today we’re sending our prayers to the Levert family.