One 6-Piece From Sanity: How Weight Is Weaponized Against Black Women

unhealthy lifestyle, and we have seen the examples in our own families. Therefore, it’s on us to make the conscious choice to either build up or tear down those who are bravely taking a step in the direction to better themselves.

In life, everything we do has a ripple effect, so the next time we feel our tongue’s tingling to make a snarky comment about someone’s appearance, please remember to season your words with the flavorful salt that is also used to batter-fry things to perfection- and treat your loved one the same way you’d want to be treated… with love.



Joi’ C. Weathers is a contributing writer for and the host of Joi’ Has Questions- one of the top podcasts in Chicago, Illinois. A graduate of Roosevelt University- where she majored in IMC and minored in Common Sense, she has worked on global creative campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands. A champion for the marginalized and a self-proclaimed mild sauce connoisseur, you can find her in her spare time eating kale, and minding her business with family and friends. Connect with Joi’ on Instagram, @Joihasquestions and subscribe to her show here.