Could Volunteering Be The New Antidepressant?

Did you know that volunteering can not only improve your mental health, it can also help you live longer?
Research has shown that those who regularly volunteer get the added benefit of feeling an increased sense
of well-being, higher levels of self-esteem, and best of all, a sense of purpose.

Sounds almost magical, doesn’t it? It’s not, there’s real science behind it. Read on to find out why some call volunteering their true antidepressant.

Why It Works

Volunteer work is an excellent way to increase physical activity which is essential to both mental health and
our physical health as well. Loneliness and depression can often be the result of stress and isolation. Volunteering
helps ease depression by connecting people together. The less detached people feel, the less likely they are to feel
depressed or see their depression worsen. Volunteering means getting off of the couch, out of the house, and involved in something other than your own feelings. It is an excellent way to increase physical activity.

Social connections and interactions with others are important for us humans. The opportunity to share your skills or learn new ones builds confidence and increases compassion. A growing body of evidence suggests that giving of yourself to