Thinking About Death Lately? Here’s How It Affects Your Mental Health

goals, because they see it as a challenge to make the most out of whatever time is left. This can help people get out of ruts they have sometimes been in for long periods of time and feel better about themselves.

Others can use news like this to mend broken relationships. Out of tragedy, they realize that whatever they are arguing about seems very small when you think of lives lost and the fact that unexpected death closes the door for reconciliation forever.

For others, tragedies like this cause them to take better care of themselves. Even if the initial tragedy has nothing to do with physical health, there are still those who decide to work on their health goals because they are reminded that life is precious and that whatever time they have left, they want to be healthy and functioning to the top of their ability. When you are paying attention to your diet and exercising, you can’t help but have improved mental health.

On the other side, there are those who come out of tragedy with a decline in their overall mental health. Some who fall on this side of thinking can become paralyzed with anxiety and fear to the point that they find it difficult to enjoy life. This can lead to isolation and weakening of relationships that were once strong. Others see themselves as powerless and think that there is no point in pursuing their goals because life can end so quickly and without warning.

This lack of motivation and negative thinking can lead to a decline in mood. Then there are people who, instead of