Ladies: Celebrate Galentine’s Day To Improve Your Health!

cuts down on most health issues, specifically cardiac problems. A more recent study came to similar conclusions, showing that social isolation and loneliness may be tied to increased mortality.

Isolation can increase the risk of anxiety, depression or stress, each of which can negatively affect things like blood pressure.

2. Friends May Help Ease Depression

Depression is an increasingly prevalent problem in the US, affecting more than 15 million people at any given time, per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Research has also revealed that depression can be directly linked with heart disease and stroke.

Even more alarming, in a 2014 study, it was found that women with depression are twice as likely to be affected by heart disease. But, in brighter news, it has been found that more social connections can significantly cut down on this risk.

3. Laughter Literally Makes You Feel Better

Children can actually model this evidence better than anyone.  Research has claimed that children giggle hundreds of times every day, while the average adult only manages 3-5 laughs. Additionally, the