Etta James Doing Better


Etta James( — Etta James’ manager, Lupe De Leon, says the terminally ill blues singer is breathing on her own after being taken off a respirator.

De Leon says James was put on a respirator when she was hospitalized in Southern California on Dec. 21 because she was having trouble breathing.

James has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia and is suffering from dementia. She has been receiving mostly at-home care.

Early symptoms of leukemia can include:

• Fever
• Fatigue
• Frequent infections
• Painless lumps in the neck, underarm, stomach, or groin
• Pain or feeling of fullness below the ribs
• Paleness or pallor
• Easy bleeding or bruising
• Loss of appetite
• Tiny red spots (called petechiae) under the skin
• Bone or joint pain

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