Quick 5-Minute Fat Burners

121356349No time to work out? No problem! Just take 5 minutes out of your day and try a few of these calorie blasters and you’re good to go!

In 5 minutes you can do:
Jump rope
as fast as you can – 68 calories

Do walking lunges down the hallway – 45 calories

Run around the block – 62 calories

Shovel snow (someone’s gotta do it!) – 34 calories

Switch on the Wii or some music for a little Dance action – 45 calories

Pick up the pace while shopping a few things at the grocery store – 22 calories

Vacuum the biggest room in your house – 20 calories

Challenge your guy or kids to a snowball fight – 34 calories

Walk up and down the stairs – 36 calories

Speed-clean your kitchen – 23 calories

Bounce on a stability ball during the commercials while watching your favorite TV show – 58 calories

Take on any challengers in playing a physical game – 23 calories

Do as many push-ups as you can – 45 calories

Our suggestions are to do three reps with a 60 second break in between.  Repeat the three reps three times.  Total of 9 exercises.  You’ll start to see results once you do these 3 times a week!

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