6 Foods To Avoid On Dates

African American man grossed out, horizontalIt’s cool that you can afford Ruth Chris on your first date, but if you get the wrong thing off the menu you’ve spent about $140 for no reason. Going ham on that garlic bread or ordering that potato au gratin might make you a candidate for some well needed breath strips. Sitting across the table from someone with bad breath is painful, so we’ve compiled a list of things you shouldn’t order on dates. In close quarters your breath can be the connector to the next date, or your date saying “check please” 12 minutes into the date. We’ll let you decide what your next steps should be after reading this.

1. Garlic

The Red Lobster cheddar biscuits are mad delicious, yet eating too many of them will have your breath going “hum da dum dum dummmmm.” Garlic, like onions, packs a powerful dose of flavor that lingers on your breath well after you’ve eaten it. Heck, you can brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out and it’ll still linger a little. Once consumed garlic enters the bloodstream  and absorbs the allyl methyl sulfide and creates an odor that seeps into your lungs and out of the orifice called your mouth. This flavor additive also emits its intoxicating scent from your pores as well. You might’ve walked out the house wearing Polo Black cologne, but before the night’s over you’ll be rocking Polo Garlic. Your best bet is to limit the amount of garlic in your dishes and brush and floss after the meal. Also, rinse your mouth out twice a day.