6 Important Topics To Discuss Before Tying The Knot

one person pays for everything and the other person is in charge of the joint savings account? Who will be in charge of the finances?

If one of you is a spender and the other is a saver, create a budget for future spending that you’ll both be satisfied with. Additionally, what are your career plans? Where do you want to be in the next five years? Does your career require you to move to another coast? Understanding each other’s expectations now can help minimize financial-related arguments in the future.

If this subject hasn’t previously been discussed, now would be a great time to discuss whether or not you both want children. If you both agree that you want to have kids, the conversation doesn’t stop there.

How do you both want to raise your future children? How do you plan on disciplining your children? How will you handle important issues regarding your kids?

If your or your partner can’t have kids, are you open to adopting? It’s okay if you’re not sure on how many kids you want to have; while it’s important to agree with a number, it’s mainly important to see eye-to-eye with the aforementioned questions.

This topic can potentially be a deal breaker earlier on the in the relationship, but, if it somehow hasn’t been discussed too much due to not wanting to have a potential argument, then that’s exactly why this needs to be discussed. Besides religion, discussing each others’ values play a major role in marriage.

Does your partner value objects over experiences? That may be