6 Signs You Can’t Handle Rejection

When I tell people I’m a matchmaker, I always get the “That must be the greatest job ever!” response. Considering my previous experiences in corporate America, it possibly is. Usually, I do a great job in picking clients I work well with. Yet, every now and then there is that ONE client who makes me consider going back to corporate America for a nanosecond.

My clients’ information and experiences are confidential so I can only share some details but I’ll share what is allowed. I send clients on what we call an “introduction” aka a date.

After each introduction, both parties complete a questionnaire to share how they felt about the date. I do this so that dates aren’t awkward with “So, do you like me?” questions. This way, both parties can go on the date, in a no-pressure environment, and provide honest feedback on whether they like each other or not.

After a particular introduction, the client’s feedback made it sound like an amazing experience. Long story short, it was one of the best dates she’d been on in her life. That makes it a match, right? In this case, no. When I received the guy’s response, he was just not that into her. I was forced to tell the woman, who believed she’d met her life partner, that he didn’t feel the same.

How did she respond? She was angry at him. She was mad at me. She was mad at everybody! She simply could not handle rejection. She’s not unique. I see it in the comments on my Facebook page. I see it on memes on IG. I hear it in consultations with clients.

Can you handle rejection? Here are