6 Signs Your Child May Be Autistic

Whether we recognize it or not, autism is present in the black community. However, studies show that black children are diagnosed with autism less than Caucasian children.  Black children are also older when a diagnosis is made. Limited access to health resources, socioeconomic factors, and the stigma of mental health conditions in the black community contribute to this statistic.

Health care providers are more likely to misdiagnose autistic black children with developmental delays, behavioral problems, or ADHD.  Learning the characteristics of autism can help your child get the proper evaluation and diagnosis.  Early detection and intervention are key!

1. Your Child Isn’t Responding To His Or Her Name

By the time your baby is nine months old, they should be able to respond when their name is called (looking, crawling to the person, stopping what they’re doing). A child with autism may not seem to hear you at all when you