6 Simple Changes To Help Avoid Heart Disease

woman eating saladYour heart is a vital organ that keeps your body functioning. Unfortunately, many people don’t treat it that way. They may not realize that their daily habits and lifestyle can overwork and damage their hearts. So, take care of your heart and yourself. Start by making the following lifestyle changes.

1. Get smoke-free

Nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow. This makes it hard for blood to reach your heart muscle and temporarily raises blood pressure. The carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke lessens the oxygen that gets to the heart. That’s why smokers have twice the risk of heart attacks compared to nonsmokers. So, if you smoke, think about quitting. Talk with your doctor about ways to quit. And, try to avoid secondhand smoke. It is also bad for your heart.

2. Eat heart-friendly foods

Eating fatty foods plays a part in the buildup of fat in your arteries. This can lead to blocked arteries of your heart and to the risk of a heart attack. You should limit fatty meats, whole-milk products, egg yolks, and fried foods. Instead, choose nonfat milk or low-fat dairy products. In addition, choose healthier cooking oils made with unsaturated fats, such as canola and olive oils. But since they are fat, use them in limited amounts. Also, try to eat 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables daily. They’re good for you, and they fill you up.