6 Things To Look For When Searching For A Prenatal Doctor

Carrying your little bundle of joy for 9 months is a feat on its own, but finding the right person to actually bring them into this world can definitely be just as hard. You’ll read tons of books about it and even call around to a few practices to get a feel of what to expect. However, nothing can take the place of some basic things you’ll need to consider when choosing your official doctor.

Check out these 6 Things To Look For When Searching For A Prenatal Doctor:

1. First impressions are everything. From the time their front desk assistant picks up the phone, you need to feel like you are heard and important. From the front desk? Yes, from the front desk. If you feel like they’re uninterested, snappy, busy, or just plain rude – pass on the practice immediately. Remember, everything comes from somewhere and more than likely it starts at the top of the food chain. Take everything as a warning sign.

2. Ask where they deliver. When you first meet your potential doctor, come with your questions ready. But, most importantly, get down to the basics. Find out the