6 Ways ‘black-ish’ Has Helped Break Down Black Stereotypes & Barriers

Image: ABC

If you scan the internet, it is full of articles somewhat praising or fully bashing the ABC sitcom ‘black-ish’ for its portrayal of black families. However, what I didn’t see enough of were all the reasons why a show like this is needed.

Better yet, why this show is important. Some will of course only look on the surface and judge for its sometimes over-zealous “lessons to be learned” that are quite often strung throughout the entire show. However, I’ve found some gems that aren’t so quite clear, but definitely, need to be highlighted.

Check out these 6 ways ‘black-ish’ has helped break down African American stereotypes and barriers:


Image: ABC

It Celebrates Black Women In Medicine

Not sure about you, but when was the last time you saw a black woman in medicine that was not only married but was also highly involved in their children’s day-to-day lives. Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson, played by