6 Ways to Get Rid of Your Beer Belly

Did you know that too much “shelter over the playground” could interfere with your love life?


It’s true. Recent studies have shown an association between belly fat and erectile dysfunction (ED). Belly fat indicates a higher level of harmful visceral fat—the type of fat associated with lower testosterone levels and inflammation which can cause ED. Men with a waist circumference of 42 inches are 50 percent more likely to have erectile dysfunction compared to those with waists of 32 inches. Obesity also raises your risk for vascular disease and diabetes, two major causes of ED. Belly fat also poses the greatest risk for heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer.


The following tips will help you get rid of belly fat, improve your health, and put a little “spice” back into your life.


Lose the booze. Men of all ages are prone to develop belly fat, but drinking moderate to high intakes of alcohol can also affect body fat distribution. In the presence of alcohol and fat, the body chooses to rid itself of the toxic alcohol first by using it as the preferred source of energy. The body will then store the fat – which it perceives as being harmless. As a result, alcohol promotes fat storage – particularly around the abdominal area, causing the “beer belly.”

“Drinking alcohol stops fat metabolism in the liver causing it to build up around the waistline,” says registered dietitian Manuel Villacorta, author of Flat Belly 365: The Gut-Friendly Superfood Plan to Shed Pounds, Fight Inflammation, and Feel Great All Year Long.

Villacorta suggests men “make a drinking policy” and have no