6 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Couple laughing in bed
Night after night, year after year, you go to bed with the same person again and again. Like it or not, it can get routine and downright boring after a while. So we’ve taken a few tips from the relationship experts (aka those who have been together for a long time) and asked them what they did to spice things up. Here are their answers:

1. Call and leave and sexy message

If you are somewhere quiet and where no one else can hear you, go old school and actually call your mate up and tell him or her exactly how much you want their body and you want them. Do some heavy breathing and put on your sexy voice. Don’t make it long. The less time the better (around 60 seconds is best) and end with, “I can’t wait to see you.” That will do two things: 1) probably surprise the hell out of your mate and 2.) get his or her’s juices flowing for you later on.
2. Have sexy anywhere BUT the bedroom

The bedroom can become boring. Step out of your comfort zone and get it popping in living room after watching a movie or in the kitchen (be careful if the stove is on, lol). But you get what I’m trying to say, be creative and do it somewhere else than the same bed, in the SAME position, like you ALWAYS do.

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3. Read an erotic story in bed together

Reading an erotic story can help by allowing someone else to paint a steamy picture for you. Anybody can watch porn, but if you both take turns reading an erotic story then you can see how your partner starts to get into it. Go for the highly rated erotica stories, you can find them easily online.

4. Do a sex challenge

What’s a sex challenge you ask? Well, recently on the Steve Harvey talk show, a group of couples vowed to have sex every day for 90 days straight to see how that can change their love life and boy did it! One hundred percent of…