7 Fun + Fulfilling Ways To Celebrate Your Milestone Birthday!

It’s finally here! That birthday you’ve been excited about (yet dreading) has crept up on you but you have no idea how you want to celebrate it. It can be difficult to think of something unique and fun that shows your maturity yet incorporate the people you love. If you’re stuck in a fog of ideas, check out these 7 fun and fulfilling ways to celebrate your milestone birthday!

Buy and cut a cake, taking it to a public place and share it with people passing by.

What better way to celebrate and tell the world you’ve evolved than giving back in a simple and sweet way. Grab some friends to help you share some love and joy with strangers, neighbors, and the homeless who could use a quick pick-me-up!

Feed [insert age] homeless people in your city or neighborhood.

Tell your friends to join you in