7 Life Hacks Every DIY Woman Should Know

Image: Unsplash

Life’s tough enough and having “girl problems” is an everyday undertaking for us. One thing my mother always instilled in me is, if there’s a will, there’s a way”. She was always so creative and useful. She could make syrup from scratch for god’s sake. The lady was an urban artisan for sure. With her gems and other tips I’ve picked up along the way, I’ve got a list packed with savvy life hacks that every DIY woman can put to use today.

Say goodbye to chapped and dry lips. We’ve all been stuck at a party or in the bathroom trying to fix our crumbling or flaky lipstick. This happens when we don’t drink enough water or dry them out from licking our lips. Drink water and condition your lips. Before you go to bed take a warm rag and put it on your lips.

Once your lips are soft, immediately take an edible oil like olive oil and put it to your lips. The next day, right after bathing, when your lips are soft, apply the same oil. Carry a small amount of oil or chapstick with you and apply it for the rest of the day. Also, try out a natural brown sugar lip scrub. Repeat the steps above until your lips are healed. This may seem labor intensive, but it is the least painful way of dealing with chapped lips while conditioning them.