7 Reasons Meal Plans Like Nutrisystem Make Weight Loss Easy

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight on your own (who hasn’t?), you know that to be successful, you need a plan. Without one, you’ll have slip-ups one after another—which will take you right back to the eating pattern that’s the reason you need to lose weight in the first place.

Why create your own plan when a program like Nutrisystem already has one that’s nutritious, easy to follow, scientifically based and delicious?

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Here are seven reasons you should consider this plan yours:

 1. The Best Balance of Nutrients

Nutrisystem® meal plans are carefully designed by dietitians following up-to-the-minute scientific data on what comprises a healthy diet, one that promotes both weight loss and weight maintenance. You’re getting the optimum mix of good carbs like whole grains, vegetables and fruits; quality protein such as lean fish, beef, and poultry; and limited saturated and trans fats. Recent studies suggest that the diets that promote health—quality carbs, higher protein diets enhanced by increased consumption of fiber-rich whole grains and produce and the judicious addition of healthy fats—can lead to weight loss, say experts.

Eating high quality lean protein, for example, makes you feel fuller longer even when you’re eating fewer calories. It also helps burn more calories—it takes more energy to burn and store protein—and maintain lean muscle when you’re losing weight. Eating high quality lean protein, for example, makes you feel fuller longer even when you’re eating fewer calories.

2. Perfect Portions
It’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Check it out yourself. Using a measuring spoon, scoop out one level tablespoon of almond butter and spread it on a slice of bread. Hmm. Pretty skimpy, yet that’s almost 100 calories right there. How many times have you doubled it and thought you were “being good?” Calories count and portion size is a key—maybe the key—factor in successful weight loss. Very few of us are good at estimating either calories or portions, particularly if we think a food is “healthy.” In one 2007 study, participants consistently underestimated the calories in foods they identified as “healthy” and promoting weight loss.

Nutrisystem’s carefully portioned servings eliminate all that faulty guesswork. Over time, you’ll learn easy ways to determine portion sizes. While using measuring utensils is the foolproof way, you may also improve your ability to eyeball portions on your own.