7 Things To Expect When You Give Up Dairy

ice cream on the groundWhether you are giving up dairy for health, religious, or simply personal reasons there are always benefits and consequences to consider. From a health perspective, the benefit of giving up dairy products can vary from weight loss to clearer skin and even disease prevention.

Although the consumption of dairy products has dropped since 2005 with the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ survey showing that 22 percent of Americans reported that they have decreased their dairy ingestion, we still find it hard to tear ourselves completely away from it.

If you are someone who is considering the non-dairy lifestyle and are curious about both the benefits and side effects, consider the following:

1. You’ll drop some pounds…usually.

Having a dairy exempt diet will have an immediate effect on your weight. Even without exercising, simply omitting dairy from your diet will cause you to lose weight as well as inches from your waistline. However, do not let it backfire on you. The one thing you will need to be on the lookout for is being hungrier. Dairy is a good source of fat and protein that keeps us full. Without it, we may look to substitute it with simple carbs that would hinder the weight loss and even cause you to gain extra pounds. Be mindful of what you replace the dairy with to manage your appetite.

2. No longer a BLOAT-ation device

When it comes to the feeling of being bloated, often dairy is the culprit. Some tend to use artificial means to curb the feeling temporarily through the use of lactose-free pills, but it’s just that – temporary. Even the substitute for many dairy products, soy, is difficult to digest for some because it contains sugar molecules called oligosaccharides. Our bodies cannot digest these substances well; therefore, the result tends to be unwanted gas and bloating. Dr. John Briffa, a leading expert in nutrition said, “If lactose is not broken down, it ferments in the gut, which can cause various digestive issues such as bloating.”