7 Tips For Balancing Mid-Life Transitions

For women, having ADHD can come with many obstacles and in mid-life, major life transitions can either make them or break them. Biologically, at a certain stage in a woman’s life, she goes through pre-menopause and enters menopause. Interpersonally, family responsibilities are typically decreasing, the house is becoming quieter, and the empty nesting begins.

However, women with ADHD may face a particularly difficult challenge when they try to stop focusing on the expectations of others and focus more on their own needs and desires.

This time couldn’t be more crucial, and according to The Chesapeake ADHD Center, women in their fifties can have a new set of choices before them. Perhaps this is a time to pursue a long-neglected dream, to return to school, to develop a dormant talent, to establish a different lifestyle that is more compatible with their needs women with ADHD?