How Much Should I Weigh?

woman standing on a scale( — We watch our portions. We limit our sugar. We eat more fruits and veggies. We drink more water. We work out more often.

But after all this hard work, it’s still typicall for most of us to wonder the same thing…what’s our ultimate goal? How much should we weigh?

BDO’s newest member to our expert team, Amia Freeman, weighs in on the confusing topic…

Q: Dear Amia,

I had a question about my weight. I am a little over 5’2″ and weigh 145. What should my weight be for my age of 43? I am medium boned, and very muscular. I do not have a workout plan, but do yoga once a week. Jan 4th I weighed 186, now I’m down to 145. While I still weigh a lot, I wear a size 4. Should I lose another ten pounds? Thanks for your help! – Rachelle

A. Dear Rachelle,

Congratulations for your success so far – that’s remarkable weight loss! I get this question a lot regarding what our “ideal” body weight is.

There are several charts and tools which suggest an “ideal weight,” but keep in mind that your body is made up of muscle, fat, and essential mass (bones, tissue and organs) and those charts won’t take that into consideration. Instead, it’s best to pay closer attention to your body fat percentage and your waist circumference, which are immediate identifiers to your health status and risks.

To make sure that your body is at it’s healthiest you need to have a plan. Every fitness plan should incorporate at least 20-30 minutes of strength training, cardio and flexibility – and this is especially important as we age.

To support your fitness plan, you also need to practice a daily regimen of well balanced healthy nutrition with plenty of fruits and vegetables; limit sugary, fried and processed foods.

Not only will all of this help your body reach it’s “ideal” body weight, you’ll almost immediately notice the change in how you feel, which will translate into better health, greater clarity of mind and more energy.

Remember to always consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Keep movin’!