8 Food Combinations That Can Make You Sick

chips and salsa - CopySome of your favorite food and snack combinations could be making you sick…literally. In fact, you probably would change your food pairings if you knew what havoc they wreaked on your digestive system. Some of the consequences include gas, bloating, nausea, fatigue, stomach ache and overall digestive system issues, including severe problems with elimination. Here’s our list of “food friends” you need to look out for:

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1.) A Muffin with Orange Juice
This morning combo packs plenty of calories and very little nutrition. That’s because the lack of protein and fiber, as well as the excess of carbohydrates, can cause your blood sugar to increase dramatically and then suddenly drop. It can leave you feeling tired before you’ve even started your day. If you really want to get going in the morning, try a whole-grain muffin for the added fiber and fewer carbohydrates. Include a cup of low-fat milk for more protein and a piece of fresh fruit – that’s even better.