8 Ways To Walk Off The Weight…Fast!

…push off as if wiping gum off your sole. This will get your calf, hamstring, and glute muscles involved—and the more muscle you use, the more calories you burn.

Go shoe shopping
To get the most power from your push-off, opt for a shoe with minimum cushioning and maximum flexibility in the front of the shoe.

Stand straight
When your body’s aligned, your back and butt muscles are able to work more powerfully, so you walk faster and torch more calories. Stand tall with a straight spine, keeping your ears and shoulders aligned over your hips.

Raise your rate
Wearing a heart-rate monitor is like having your own coach keeping you at optimal fat-torching pace. It’ll give you a push if you’re slowing down too much, but also get you to ease up if you’re pushing too hard.

Add strength
Simple moves like push-ups and lunges get more muscles involved for major burn. When you walk, stop every five minutes and do one minute of moves. This will help up your metabolism over the long-term, too.