Four Years After World’s First Double Hand Transplant: “I Can Wrap My Hands Around My Mom”

**UPDATE**: It’s been four years since the first child to receive a double hand transplant, Zion, returned home in late August 2015. His doctor described him as a “very spiritual little boy,” and a hard worker, worked for hours each day after school at the rehabilitation of his hand for several years to gain true functionality.

“Being able to wrap them around my mom,” Harvey told theToday Show when asked his favorite thing about receiving the transplant.

It’s been 13 months since Harvey underwent the groundbreaking procedure. And the little boy can throw a football, feed himself a slice of pizza and hold his 3-year-old sister Zoé.

“This last year has been like a rollercoaster,” he told Today. “Up, down, fast, slow. It’s just been crazy.”

Zion Harvey, now nine years old, lost his arms and legs to a