800lb Man Loses Weight For One Reason: “I Want To Live”

UPDATE: Larry Evans has been busy! Busy working hard and losing weight and soon he’ll prove it.  According to his #TeamLarry facebook page, as of September 29, 2015, Larry has undergone a successful surgery to remove excess skin after losing weight. Take a look at his post-surgery video above.

Evans had lost control of his weight after graduating from high school, where, for four years, he played football as a defensive lineman. He never really knew how much he weighed until a scary moment when he woke up in the hospital and was told him that he was 800 pounds. The journey to get down to under 580 lbs which is where he is now, wasn’t easy at first.


Evans was getting sick from toxins that were released by his sleep apnea machine. That’s when he decided it was time to make a change. He and some friends decided to embark on the popular 30-Day Squat Challenge in March of this year.

Like many of us, Evans loved bread, sugar and cheese. He used to put put sugar on everything. After making the decision to improve his life, Evans stopped piling on the sugar and began to count calories.